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Drooping eyelids can make you look older than you are, or look tired even when you’re well-rested. At La Jolla Laser MedSpa in La Jolla, California, the board-certified team of ophthalmologists can help you look younger and more awake with eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty — the medical term for eyelid surgery — can tighten sagging eyelid skin and make the bags under your eyes disappear, so you look refreshed any time of day. To learn if you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery, call the office or request the next available appointment online.

Blepharoplasty Q & A

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What is eyelid surgery?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure that tightens sagging skin around your eyes, reduces puffiness, and rejuvenates areas around your eyes where fine lines have formed.

Eyelid surgery can treat both your upper and lower eyelids, and remove fatty deposits and excess skin that could be impairing your vision or making you feel less than confident about your appearance.

What causes droopy eyelids?

As you age, your eyelids stretch, the muscles supporting them weaken a bit, and there’s less support for the skin around your eyes. Sometimes, excess fat gathers above or below your eyelids, causing your eyebrows to sag or your upper eyelids to appear droopy, and creating bags under your eyes.

A customized blepharoplasty procedure can take care of these issues so you can see better and project a more alert appearance.

Am I a good candidate for eyelid surgery?

If you’re generally healthy, you don’t smoke, and you don’t have any serious eye conditions, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic eyelid surgery. At your consultation, your doctor examines the skin around your eyes and reviews your medical and eye health history to determine if eyelid surgery is the best solution for your sagging or puffy eyelids.

What is the recovery time after eyelid surgery?

Recovery time after blepharoplasty is usually short. You typically have bruising around your eyes the day after surgery, but swelling dissipates in just a couple days. Your doctor provides detailed instructions on how to minimize discomfort and help with the healing process. Using cool compresses for the first 48 hours after surgery greatly reduces bruising.

You’ll have small bandages over your incisions and stitches that remain for about a week. Most of the time, you can resume regular activities 10-14 days after surgery, but you should avoid strenuous activity as your doctor recommends, so your eyes have time to heal. Results are long-lasting, and the surgery itself causes minimal pain.

If you’re tired of looking tired, or drooping eyelids interfere with your peripheral vision, and you’d like to learn more about eyelid surgery, call the expert team of ophthalmologists at La Jolla Laser MedSpa. Or, use the online booking tool to request a convenient appointment time.